A New Jodi In The Industry: Sumeet Vyas And Ekta Kaul Become ‘Permanent Roommates’


Sumeet Vyas the infamous star of permanent roommates and well as many other TVF dramas he announced some time ago that he’s in a relationship with Ekta Kaul. Then we were given the exciting news on an engagement with a date fixed in September. The relationship at this point has turned into a marriage, and we couldn’t behappier about it. Read on to find out the whole juicy story of the new permanent roommates Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul.

Summer Vyas on proposing to Ekta

When telling us about how he wooed his partner and an actor as well, we couldn’t stop gushing about it. It was only earlier this year that both of them revealed the status of their relationship. He mentioned how it’s not a big moment usually when you realize that your partner is the one for you. It was during Holi when he had too much bhang, and Ekta rose the bullet instead of him. She quickly took the keys off him as she realized the state he was in. It was this exact moment, says Sumeet that he thought to himself that he’s going to marry Ekta.

He popped the question on his birthday according to his interviews and reports. He flew all the way to Jammu to ask Ekta for her hand. According to reports and interviews, Ekta also mentioned that he took her parents’ permission before asking her. The only glitch in this whole thing was that the ring did not fit Ekta.

The wedding day

It was on the 15th of September that the two tied a knot. It was a beautiful ceremony that took place in Jammu. They had most of their close friends and family involved. The 14th morning saw the haldiMehendi ceremonies and a sangeet hosted by the couple in the evening. The next day was the wedding day, and the photos from it are out. The first looks of the ceremony have gotten us all excited. Ekta Kaul and Sumeet Vyas have a very traditional Indian marriage, and they looked extremely ravishing as the bride and groom. Sumeetin his colorfulsherwani and Ekta in her wedding lehenga have our whole hearts.

The ceremony will give you a romantic vibe and make you believe in a happily ever after. The couple has been sharing inside photos with us too via their Instagram’s. This has been amazing because we get to see candid and cute shots of the couple throughout the wedding with funny and quirky captions of what was going on. Sumeet and Ekta both have shown some serious emotions about their D-Day and posted some heart-warming shots that you can check out on the celebrity’s Instagram handles.

Ekta had all eyes on her with her beautiful wedding lehenga. Summer too looked pretty good himself, but it honestly was Ekta that stole this show. The actress looked stunning, and the pictures are a solid proof to that. The wedding in its entirety was too stunning and pure for words.


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