Da Bangg- The Tour Reloaded almost sold out!


Hindi Cinematography Industry, more or less known as Bollywood, is one of the largest film industries with about 364 films being produced in 2017 alone. Over all these years, it has established its niche, all credits to its unique stories and equally appreciated music.Indian Cinematography, with its beauty and uniqueness, has not only made its space in the hearts of Indian Audience, but has also won the hearts and appreciation of film lovers at a global scale. What takes this industry forwards and help it go an extra mile are special Bollywood celebrity events, that literally succeeds in touching the hearts of their audiences every single time.

One such event is the most awaited Bollywood extravaganza, the Da-Bangg- the tour reloaded, an international concert that is to be held in various major cities of America and Canada in the last week of June and the first week of July this year. What makes this event way more special than it already is that the widely loved Bollywood star Salman Khan will be coming together with Katrina Kaif and several other top Bollywood celebrities with great performances for these concert tours.

Last year, Salman Khan had paired with others for taking off for a world tour (calling it Da Bangg the Tour), organizing concerts for their fan base in several cities including London, Hong Kong, Delhi etc. and the event had been a grand success. So this year the team, paired with Sahil Promotions as international promo-partner, is all set to make their way to United States and Canada after a super successful Da Bang reloaded Pune concert in March of this year. The event had witnessed thousands of Salman Khan fans and Bollywood lovers gathering. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshisinha and others had recently been doing promos and press meets in respect of the same – the star team did succeed in keeping their promise of ‘entertaining their audience like never before’. This exactly is what we are expecting to happen in US as well!

Here is the detail of the Da-bangg 2018 concert schedule.

June 22: Dabangg- The Tour Reloaded Atlanta Concert

June 23: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded Chicago Concert

June 29: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded DallasConcert

June 30: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded San FranciscoConcert

July 1: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded VancouverConcert

July 6: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded Washington DCConcert

July 7: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded New JerseyConcert

July 8: Da bangg- The Tour Reloaded TorontoConcert

Salman Khan will be appearing for a concert in United states and Canada after a really long while- around after 12 years- which makes this event even more important for the ‘Bodyguard’ star as well as his American fan base. The show will be lead by Salman Khan and will be hosted chiefly by Manish Paul, one of the top Indian Anchors.

Well, we heard that the Da Bang reloaded 2018 tickets are about to be sold out- so, yeah, hurry and grab your seats right away!


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