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If it is about entertainment, Bollywood pop culture is never at the backend – be it Bollywood music, dance or drama. The charismatic aura of this DA BANGG RELOADED is a combination of spicy news, controversies and latest updates about the Bollywood stars. And this tour is all set to land in the US, all the way from the streets of India. Daily BollyBuzz and to know all about your favorite stars, this show is a boon. This tour will take you through diverse dance forms and blended Indian music. In all, it’s all about an assortment of drama, dance, and music.


DA BANGG RELOADED is all set to put fire across the world with its music, art, drama, dance, and theatre. A full fledged package in a single tour is a dream nowadays. It’s a fulltime talk show to get the latest buzz about your favorite stars who heat up the stage with their stunning performances. This show is also about giving a platform to many newbies state-of-the-art who compliment the tour too.

The fusion of Indian music and dance form with a slight texture and blend of Hollywood is amazing.When the pure Bollywood pop culture gets the platform in Hollywood to showcase their upcoming talents, it is a must-watch! This fusion is full of entertainment and drama. To amuse the youngsters and people of all age groups, this show is a sure hit!


A show all about drama and Bollywood pop culture is coming to the US to set a mark and pull off the bars to next level.The diverse culture of Indian music and dance is ready to entertain a new level of the audience. The unexpected heart touching performances and soulful music by the Bollywood artistswill impress the audience. To hit the bars,it is an unusual blend of experienced minds full of entertainment, boisterous and hardworking youth. This show has an enthusiastic aura and is filled with upcoming latest news and updates of Bollywood.

The buzzing style of your favorite stars and daily updates about their lives will be shown. You can follow your very own stars and get full update about them.Indeed, a big opportunity in hands!



This show is a medium of fun and relaxation for people of all the age groups to enjoy. The venturous tour consists of Bollywood pop culture full of dance,drama, and music. It is all about entertainment on cards which blows your mind off to discover new talents and entertain the new audience. This audience is also new to explore the Bollywood pop culture all the way from India to US. The US offers them a vast platform to showcase talent and get a worldwide exposure. To make any show a hit, the main thing to be kept in mind will be the hard work behind the scenes. This ebullient show is, undoubtedly an upshot of diverse Bollywood pop culture.


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