How Did Malini Agarwal Make Her Bollywood Blog Such A Success


She was a backup dancer for six years. A radio jockey for eight.She’s also worked as a content writer in Delhi and Mumbai, a programming head, and a digital content head. Meet Malini Agarwal who is now doing the one thing she loves. Today, she is the founder and creative director of MissMalini Entertainment. She is also the Blogger in Chief of the website. But the journey that brought her here had all started with a blog and a passion for writing and creating. Her first blog had only started out as a diary, the personal experiences of a young woman in Mumbai. But when the blog started gaining attention and attracting brands, she decided it was time to gear up and go full time. At the time of this decision, Malini was working a full-time job as well as a radio show and a newspaper column. However, the blog today is big enough to employ a team run by Malini and her Husband (CEO of the company). She’s made it to the Forbes list and more importantly into the heart of every Indian Millennial.

How Missmalini.Com Started

Malini Agarwal was already doing a job as a gossip columnist in a newspaper when she started her blog. At that time, it was simply an extension of her newspaper column in a digital format. She had been a writer for quite some time by then for MidDay. After a few more job hops she had landed a job in Chanel V. She decided to leave after realizing that her viewership had tremendously gone up in her blog. She started working towards becoming a celebrity and lifestyle blogger instantly and took inspiration from the likes of Perez Hilton and the creators of Sugar Inc. (now Popsugar). Her blog touches everything from fashion tips to what’s happening in the city. When the blog was in its early stages, it was kind of like a barter system. She wasn’t paid in money but with things like a camera or jeans and an airplane ticket. In 2011 she went full time with the blog and even then, she was one of the first people to do it.

Where It Has Reached Today

A team of two, a decade ago, is now employing a hundred employees who create content every day. MissMalini along with her team has been in the middle of the digital marketing reform in India. They are key to creating the most consumable content for all Indian millennials. The blog MissMalini alone receives over four million visitors and five hundred thousand-pager per views with over 2 million following in every social media platform. Also, her work is regularly featured in other print media outlets as well. The blog today writes about everything to the moon and back. Celebrity gossip, life advice, fashion tips, Mumbai happenings and much more. The blog is the go-to place for all relevant information for the young generation who love to keep themselves up to date.



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