The Tigress of Bollywood: Katrina Kaif


Katrina, the drop-dead gorgeous beauty of Bollywood is loved and adored by her fans all over the world.Right from the beginning of her career,she has worked really hard to reach where she is today, and it is her talent only that has made her rule millions of hearts since then.

Bollywood Was Just The Beginning

This gorgeous actress was launched by Salman Khan. She made her debut in the Bollywood industry with the movie Boom. Unfortunately, the moviecouldn’t grasp audience, but itdefinitely gave her a new name. Yes, Katrina Kaif was not her original name. Her original name was Katrina Turquotte which was changed to Katrina Kaif after the Boom.Since her father hailed from Kashmir, Katrina always had this Kashmir Connection that brought her back to India.

She Showed That Hard Work Can Take You To Success

Starting her career at an early age of 14, Katrina is known to be one of most hardworking actresses in Bollywood. Her first modeling assignment was for a jewelry brand.Her childhood was happy and surrounded by a loving family that included her mother and 8 siblings.She was born in Hong Kong but spent her initial childhood days in Hawaii. Hawaii was where she received her first modeling offer.She has stayed in various parts of the world including Switzerland, France, Japan, Belgium, and Poland. Later, she moved to London where she spent 3 years.

 Bollywood Barbie

Katrina always knew what she wanted, and that is shown in her improved acting skills and dazzling dancing moves. Her beauty has not only attracted the Indian fans but across the globe, she has a big fan following. She became the first Bollywood actress who inspired the look of Mattel’s Barbie after many Hollywood divas, like Marilyn Monroe.

Asia’s Sexiest Woman

Katrina Kaif has been crowned Sexiest Asian Woman by a weekly magazine four times.Her elegant beauty and magnificence along with her dedication have led her to this point in life.She has time and again proven her position in Bollywood.Be it her relationships or breakups, Katrina has very smartly handled her personal life from the limelight of her profession.

Her Mantra is Simplicity

She is a very humble person, and her knowledge and simplicity amaze people. Katrina is always up to date in the fashion industry, and her way of dressing is admired by everyone. Her elegance clearly exhibits in her simplicity and her gorgeous smile. This is what makes her one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood.

Never say Never

Katrina Kaif has faced many ups and downs in her journey so far. Even after given many blockbusters, she had also faced criticism. She believes that these failures actually paves the road to success and is thankful for all that she has been through.

Youth Icon

She is a true idol and youth icon as along with her movies she finds time to support the social cause as well. Recently appointed as the ambassador for an International NGO “Educate Girls”, Katrina has very high hopes for the same.

She has always loved acting and modeling, but apart from these, she likes playing chess and is very good at it. She also likes painting.She is religious too and is known to visit Dargah and Siddhi Vinayak temple before her movie release.

Tigress of Bollywood

Katrina, popularly known as the Tigress of Bollywood has worked in top grossing movies of all time. Her movie Tiger ZindaHai is the highest grossing movie so far. She has still a lot in store for us and will continue to awe us with her upcoming movies.


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