The Unheard Traits Of ‘Katrina Kaif’


Katrina Kaif is the name that starts drumming in the hearts of Bollywood fansas soon as they heart it. However, you would be surprised to know that it is much more than her gorgeousness and slaying looks.

Sensitivity is Strength

Katrina Kaif is a very strong and humble person.She has faced a lot of unfortunate events in her life that have affected her terribly, even then she has always kept her private and professional life poles apart in front of the media. That shows how delicate and considerate she is.She is a religiousperson and believes in God. She has never failed to extend a helping hand to the needy and poor.

 Friendships in Bollywood

Katrina is one of the most loved celebrities of Bollywood, loved by her millions of fans and her fellow movie stars. Be it, Alia Bhatt or Parineeti Chopra, Katrina shares a sisterly bond with her junior actresses. Though there might be competitions being in the same industry, she adoresfriendship to her heart.

Karan Johar’s Dream Team Tour has given us many amazing moments. It’s wonderful to see Bollywood actors sharing each other’s pictures and videos of having great fun time together abroad.Such bonding is sure hard to find in this cut-throat industry, but it exists.Her friendship with Salman Khan is one of its kind. Even though both of them have been through many ups and downs, their affection towards each other has never been affected.Both of them adore each other for their caring nature.

Katrina Ruling The Brands

Katrina from the very start of her career bagged many advertisement and brands because of her elegance and stunning beauty.Be it any industry, she is leaving her marks excellently. She is the face of LUX, the company with the highest market share in beauty soap industry. She is also into popularizing the gadgets industry, be it Panasonic or Xiaomi the highest selling smartphone brand in India. That makes Katrina Kaif a successful face for many top brands. And that is not all. Katrina’s beauty also compliments the Kalyan Jewelers. Her personality and fan following sure are helping to promote Etihad Airways in India as well as internationally.

This Princess Wears Running Shoes

Katrina’s fit body is the result of shedding blood and sweat. It sure helps her distinguishing herself from the rest in Bollywood. The answer to her lean and sizzling figure goes to Yoga and proper gym regime. She does cycling, light weight lifting and running.Her secret to glowing skin and the toned figure is a balanced diet.Her fitness goal motivates many of her fans as they look up to her.Yasmin Karachiwala, her fitness instructor, helps Katrina in achieving and maintaining the ideal body and health. She describes Katrina to be very hard working and devoted celebrity, which has made her the superstar she is.

 Social Media Conqueror

Katrina Kaif has spent more than a decade in Bollywood now, but she has always stayed off social media. She believed in not sharing her everything with everyone. Off late, she can be seen on a couple of social media platforms posting about her upcoming movies and keeping her fans updated. She also shares her workout regime and fitness mantra via her social media to motivate her fans. Her posts give us insights into her inspirational life and connect her with her fans even more.


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