Unknown & Interesting Facts About Salman Khan


Salman Khan famously called as SalluBhai, is a highly revered personality in the Indian film Industry. He is a huge star who has a wide fan base all over the world. He is almost a brand value to any film he acts in and has that crowd pulling capacity. He knows what makes his fans happy and thus, he never disappoints his fans or the Box Office. He has many records to his name in collections and openings in India. His larger than life screen presence made him a style icon of a large number of fans for his style, attitude, and personality.

Let’s see some lesser known facts from SalluBhai’s Life:

  1.  Salman Khan has a hobby of swimming, singing, painting, and writing. He used to be a very good swimmer during his school days and won few competitions too. He often helps his directors and writers in writing and finishing scripts if he is approached for a help.
  2. He helped famous actor Govinda by giving him an opportunity to act as a lead in a hit script. Govinda was already forgotten by the industry,but the movie “Partner” given by Salman Khan became a huge hit and set Govinda’s career back on track.
  3. He likes to give gifts. He always gifts a person in appreciation, and this makes his bonding strong with the people around him. He has gifted costly cars, bikes, and even houses to his well-wishers.
  4. Despite being the son of yesteryear’s famous writer Salim Khan, Salman had to fight for his opportunities in the early stages of his career. His father wanted Salman to be getting opportunities himself so that he gets to know the hardships of being an actor and he wanted his son to understand how difficult it is to establish in the film industry. This made young Salman struggle and wait for opportunities, but later he said that his father’s decision made him learn the value of life as that journey taught him a lot. He also tried modeling before turning into an actor.
  5. Salman Khan is fond of yachts. He likes to travel in the sea and makes sure his family is available for a trip whenever he gets some time. A trip with his loving brothers and sistersrefresheshim from all the stresses at the job. He is planning to buy a new yacht by replacing an old one soon.
  6. Salman Khan loves soaps and has a great collection in his bathroom.
  7. Madame Tussauds museum in London has his wax statue.
  8. Salman loves to spend time with his fans and is often seen on many shows where he entertains his fans. The highest paid actor of Bollywood donates a major percentage of his earnings in charity.

These are some of the lesser known but very interesting facts from Salman Khan’s life. These all prove that he is a gem of a person at heart despite being The King of the Indian Box Office. He never allows his stardom to intervene in his lifestyle and that earns him more respect as well as more followers.


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