Why is Bollywood So Focused on Biopics?


If there is anything in the Bollywood that people adore, it is true stories. Given interest which these biopics generate, it makes more sense that in 2018 the audience witnessed and will witness many true story based movies. From politician to sports person and other real-life heroes, the directors are more inclined towards making movies that reflect the true stories build on the people that are still alive. The fans look forward to biopics based on the lives of Mary Kom, SainaNehwal, Sanjay Dutt, AbhinavBindra, Anand Kumar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, PV Sindhu and so on.

Feels Fresh and Relevant

Directors only depend upon the relevant and the fresh stories. Whether it’s SainaNehwal, PV Sindhu, Mithali Raj or Abhinav Bindra- it doesn’t only attract the audience, but promises better satisfaction as well. This is the reasons the movie makers are now leaving no stone unturned to explore more about the real and true stories about different icons.

A Built-In Audience Available Already

Whether it’s Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Mithali Raj or Abhinav Bindra- the national sports icon worked consistently to allow their fans to enjoy their sporting exploits in recent past. Their accomplishments and achievements are so enormous that even their names induce particular images in the mindsets. Therefore, the viewers are more interested in knowing about the real stories; as in where did they come from and how things are created which stays special to most of us.

Reveals Life behind Headlines

The biopics reveal the life of the icons behind the headlines. With the help of the biopics, people get to know more and more about the true stories associated with them. The media does not cover each and everything, it adds spices to the original news and edits it to make the headlines, but with the help of these biopics, the true stories are revealed. Whether its pain, joy, perseverance or struggle, the movie makers have to put the things as it is and as these icons lived.

Satiate the Modern Fandom Needs.

Another foremost reason for the directors to go for these biopics is the audience increasing interest in the real-life heroes that impact the popular culture. Since fans are more interested in getting an update about their stars with the help of social media, it’s a logical step for movie makers to explore deeper into the lives of these star through these biopics.


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